Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Names

Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Names

I was wondering why hurricanes always seemed to be named after ladies (apart from Ivan)… Here is the answer. But all you American folk probably knew this already…

2 responses to “Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Names

  1. sharon spotbottom

    Interesting. I’m thinking the name ‘Katrina’ will possibly be retired and replaced. Cyclone Sharon!! \Speaking of Sharon, i just received the instant album from flickr (inspired by you featuring it on your blog). What can i say, it’s an utter page turner 🙂 . I had anticpated poor quality prints given the low resolution of the images saved on flickr but they aren’t all that bad. Overall a great idea.

  2. Nope didn’t know that! We don’t have too many hurricanes on this side of the country so I guess I hadn’t paid too close attention. It’s funny how we want to know more when it touches us personally then other times we just let things slide. Thanks for the tip!

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