Creative pioneer

Our Seattle friend Bre Pettis, who we met out at Gnomedex, has posted his newsletter that he gives the kids he teaches creative multi-arts to.

He is truly a creative pioneer and deserves some Big Ups. I wish I had a teacher like Bre when I was at school. Here is some it:

I am a multi-artist and teacher. I make things. I am a visual artist and I draw, paint, and take photographs. I am an actor, film-maker, and puppeteer and I create short videos and films I am a reporter, editor, poet, writer, storyteller and blogger.

I believe that it is my job on this planet to support and inspire others to reach their creative potential. It is essential for everyone young and old alike to explore new ways of expressing ourselves. Young people have the advantage of having agile minds that can learn anything that they set their minds too. The sky is the limit! I love to see the sparks of creativity that students have when they encounter new ways to express themselves.

Read the rest for yerself.

Image: Bre Pettis, I Make Things

4 responses to “Creative pioneer

  1. Bre

    Kitten, you’re the best! We finished all the lost episodes recently and we are waiting in anticipation for the new ones!!!

  2. bre

    Video I made with you and Kosson in it at -bre

  3. oops, that’s Kosso not Kosson!

  4. That video is GRREEAT! heheh!

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