3G newspaper

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3G newspaper
3G newspaper,
originally uploaded by The Kitten’s Toe.

I dunno what this little 3G is on the top of the pages on The Sun, but it made me get very excited, sadly, about what could save the newspaper industry – e-paper.

Won’t it be fun when our newspapers are made of e-paper – flexible electronic, disposable (eco friendly – would have to be) and interactive. So, full of sensors.

You could grab a paper, and when you see a story you were interested in, you can swipe your 3G mobile or your multimedia device over the sensor and download content – like movie trailers, or holiday details, or indeed audio and video – and maybe blog links – to your device. Then you discard the paper. You’ve had a good skim read, and you have downloaded your extra content that you are interested in to take with you somewhere else.

I want that now.

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