Tube gossip

Talking of The Man Who Fell Asleep, I especially like his Tube Gossip captured on 23 July.

1. I saw Nigel Lawson on the Central Line today. He got off at Marble Arch. Surely he can afford a cab?
2. Shireen, are we all bopping to the same beat?
3. You should shave off your goatee… you don’t want to get an uneven tan.
4. I don’t want to hear another sob story about a man with no head.
5. Dilbert is the least funny thing ever.
6. It’s you and me. Just the two of us. Does that make you nervous?
7. Borderline, Crazy for You, American Life, Vogue, Cherish. In that order.
8. Have you got a pen? Or a sword?
9. So, Voldemort is Darth Vader and Dumbledore is Obi Wan Kenobi.
10. Larry? Do you mind if I call you Larry?

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