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originally uploaded by sharonspotbottom.

Sharon does the classics.

5 responses to “Pac-sharon

  1. sharon spotbottom

    Are these insidious SPAM comments disguised as friendly blog banter?
    I got one the other day on the sharon blog.

  2. Bloody hell!! how do I stop it??!!

  3. sharon spotbottom

    not exactly sure but i went the tattle tale route and sent an email to blogger support. however, after i did that i actually read blogger support and it appears they know about spammers.

  4. sharon spotbottom

    blogger support replied to my email about the spam. here is what they said (in case you are interested):
    >Thanks for writing in and letting us know about this comment spam.
    We’re working on some tools to prevent it, so in the meantime, please continue deleting any undesirable comments that are posted to your blog.
    Please see Blogger Help for how to delete comments:

  5. cheers matey! Will make it my month’s mission to stop these spamming scumbags!

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