Face off

I had a face off with a gang of do-no-good-ers* who first spat at my back then hit me on the head with a plastic bottle when I spun round to shoot them my best Teacher Stare.**

Before I could sternly give them a good telling off to, a 12 year old girl in grey tracksuit came marching up and the following dialogue occurred:

Teen: What? What you you gonna do abaaaat it innit?
Me: I am going to go home, what YOU gonna do abaaat it?
Teen: What YOU gonna do about it! You can’t even protect yourself!
Me: How do YOU know? You don’t know what I do for a living do ya?
Teen: Well, if you were police, you would have arrested me by now innit?

With that, I walked off.

She was Catherine Tate personified.

I now fear for my life. Really.

*Read: little local wankers.
**I am not a teacher. I have however, the Teacher Stare genetically imprinted.

3 responses to “Face off

  1. Frankie Robertohttp://www.frankieroberto.com/weblog/

    How ugly. The wankers. Poor you.

  2. sharon spotbottom

    Scotland Yard should have video footage available.

  3. This is where it gets scary. What will they do next? I say get Kosso to wire you up with his video cam and get some pics. Reminds me of Adam’s sound seeing tour of the BBC and his run in with that kid “I think I’ll just take you iPod”

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