Harry Potter craziness

Oooohhhhh… I just caught the midnight live reading by JK Rowling from her the new Harry Potter book live at Edinburgh Castle.

My Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince should arrive in the post on Saturday, cat claws crossed.

There is a bit of Pottr madness going on too…

Check out CBBC Newsround coverage from the queues of fans getting their hands on the book all around the world.

And check out their journalist’s log. He is reading it all night tonight and posting up updates on the book – WARNING: THERE MAY BE SPOILERS HERE!!

Which is a bit of an issue when you try to do a “blog” that is not really a “blog” as such, for a number of reasons.

The main problem is that doing it “a la blog” means that the latest entry is at the top. That brings all the spoilers – if indeed there are any – right in your face when you go to the page. I would prefer the order to be reversed – shock! – to keep them hidden.

That way you can read down as far as you think you want to without reading *too* much that might spoil it.

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