Flickr Pro gifting economy

Flickr: FlickrCentral
I have been inspired a bit by TED’s message which was overwhelmingly Share the Wealth, and this was driven home to me tonight when I logged on after our mind-meltingly boiling journey.

It has been too hot all week.

It was driven home to me when I realised that the deadline for the pre-Yahoo Flickr Pro account giveaway was on Friday.

I thought quickly and sent them to two people I think will enjoy them – neither are on Flickr. I went to the Flickr blog and saw a post: Gift pro accounts–any disappointments? Delights?

There are numerous posts from people who are overwhelming delighted after being given Flickr Pro accounts by pre-Yahoo pros. Many of them do not know their donors. Some talk of how inspired they have become. One says she considers her gift a lifeline – she is 42 and has early onset of Parkinsons.

This is truly a great model of the net nurturing the sharing of wealth and resources to grow community loyalty and sustainability.

The thing is, Pro account holders were promised “fab goodies as a thank you!” when Flickr did the Yahoo deal. It was interesting that in fact although the goodies included a year’s extension of their accounts, they also got the two pro accounts TO GIVE AWAY.

Gifting something and getting satisfaction and warm feelings back.

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