London in terror

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London Attack
London Attack,
originally uploaded by greggchadwick.

This photo was taken by an Adam Stacey.

It has been on various websites now. What a surreal day.

I was running late and the tube I was on – Victoria Line – took so long to get to Kings X that I was beginning to tut out loud.

I remember I looked at my watch – something I never do on the tube because my commute is so predicatable – and it was already 0825.

It eventually reached Oxford Circus, having gone through Kings X, and I got off to change lines.

The power surges we heard about just after I arrived at work made me very suspiscious and my mate asked if I a poaranoid conspiracy theiorist.

I am. I love 24.

The amazing news machine went into action – well oiled. We were pretty much immediately put into action on tech angle stories. It was great.

The blogosphere oozed with support messages, info, useful links, news bits, witness accounts.

Flickr began to bulge with photos.

Friends began checking in and checking up – my family I phoned immediately. I have heard from all those I know may have been affected.

Everyone’s Ok.

I eventaully made it home after walking to a primary school using a handheld GPS device which sent us the wrong way on the pouring rain. There we met his dad who drove us home – avoiding jams; we didn’t see any jams. Amazing.

What a day. Poor people.

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