On our way home

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More fog
More fog,
originally uploaded by The Kitten’s Toe.

So here we are at SFO – mega early. My fault. It is a genetic thing. But that’s good because it means I can upload some more photos and do this post. So check out the most recent pictures I took with my great new camera. It has been a fantastic trip – seems like three holidays in one. Our only complaint would be the weather. Fog followed us everywhere. And it was cold. No one warned us about it. Oh well. At least I had a couple of hours swimming outside in the pool.

Lovely scenery around Monteray etc but a lot of it is kind of more for when you require a zimmer frame or some sort of “sensible automatied vehicle”. Not the convertible we had. Even Santa Cruz was a dive we thought – a bit too “woo yay” for us. Is there somewhere that is for “in-betweenies” like us? Maybe New York.

Since we are heading out of the states, security have not seemed too bothered about us. We were “randomnly chosen” to undergo the fullest search you can get without being stripped twice while here. It seems they don’t give a damn if you are leaving the states. Jolly good.

I have so much audio and a couple of videos of my new friend Al Cat Traz, who you will hear and see a lot more of soon. Until then, we prepare for boarding. And to be bored.

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