Hanging out in Haight

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Haight Ashbury
Haight Ashbury,
originally uploaded by The Kitten’s Toe.

We went camera shopping and to Haight Ashbury today – fantastic. Really not very nice weather though. Hopefully it will be WARM tomorrow…

Had a chilled time in Haight, then I bought the new camera – the Canon 7.1 megapixel SD500. AMAZING. This photo was NOT taken with it…

I shall be taking all my other snaps with it. It is jolly bloody good.

Had an early brekkie in a very smart Philip Starck hotel called the Clift, with Mr Dave Winer. The eggs benedict were not as nice as Blugg’s.

Found fantastic cafe bar place with loadsa characters in it called Enricos. Highly recommended. If you check out my Flickr stream you can see the pictures – taken with my NEW CAMERA! – of the very cute kitten that sat at the front desk most of the time.

3 responses to “Hanging out in Haight

  1. sharon spotbottom

    SF is a fun city, nice to see you are enjoying it…in spite of the fog. If you can pop over the GG Bridge to Marin county/MT. Tamalpias it should be sunnier.
    Also, a little known point of interest in the ‘wine country’ (1.5 hours drive North in Santa Rosa) is the Charles Schultz museum/gallery for any “peanuts” fans.
    I know, random…but i grew up in the Bay Area so my fondness runeth over. 🙂

  2. Cheers for the tip off!! We were debating whether to go north or south. We compromised and went to muir woods, and sausilito then motored on down to south to monteray where we thought it would be sunnier. It wasnt. Oh well. We will be back to do wine country, chuck brown museum, and yosemite some day soon though!!! did you see the snap i took of the very funny cartoon cats in seattle?

  3. sharon spotbottom

    sounds like you had a terrific trip.
    sf and the coast tends to be foggy most of the time…even in summer.
    your fog photos really captured the huge, cold, rolling quality it has as it overtakes everything.
    havent seen your funny cartoon cats from seattle. i will look for them. presently in sydney, australia. it’s winter but sunny and fresh. no fog however, and very few cats. lots of birds!

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