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its all gone a bit jules verne
its all gone a bit jules verne,
originally uploaded by twhume.

After bemoaning the fact that we actively chose to come to a geek conference half way round the world instead of going to Glastonbury – which would have been Blugg’s 13th and my 5th – we are so fucking glad we didn’t. No, it would not have been fun at all.

Just look at the flooding.
Thank god the geeks saved us. Went for a drink tonight with Dave Winer,
Steve Gillmor, Nick Bradbury – of Feedreader fame – er Bloglines guy (whose name I can’t remember – Robert Scoble and his lovely wife Maryam, and Buzz Lightyear.

At least, his name was Buzz something.*

We also met a funny guy who offered to take us for a speedboat ride to see Bill Gates’ house! Coolio. Last day of the geekfest tomorrow. We are having ENORMOUS fun.

*Bruggeman actually.

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