Curried notions

“We are the media,” says Adam Curry, wearing a suit and tie. “We want to take back the media and hold it in our hands.”

The music industry is one of the first parts of the media that people will be taking back in their hands because the tools used to produce this stuff are the same for all.

He is right, of course. He is also right to say that the big nobs – the Microsofts and the Apples of the world – need to give people the fuel to do it because the people will sell the gear for them by creating the media they have in their hands.

I think it is hilarious Adam is in a suit and tie (pink, of course) presenting his keynote here at Gnomedex.* Has been wheeling and dealing or does he want to get away from the leather jacketed 80s VJ look ? ;0p

If you want the full shebang, he did the keynote as his 200th Daily Source Code.

Oh, and he thanked Dave Winer for all his work. And he loves him.

*Btw – Just before he started, he played a mash-up for a few minutes and everyone clamored with their cameras to take photos and videos of The Curry and The Scoblelizer who had bounced up to the red couch on stage to jig along. Geek Celebdom. Bizarre.

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