Geeking out in Seattle

So Blugg and I have arrived in Seattle for the geekathon that is Gnomedex. Should be lots of fun with much Rss-ing and podcasting. You have to watch what you are saying because you may be being recorded for any number of podcasts. Check out the conference blog for updates here.

Good thing we spent most the night making badges – or BUTTONS as US folk call them. I am wearing one that warns people I may be recording. heh.

Seattle is nice. Coffee filled and slightly hilly. Lovely scenery and very friendly. It think I could get comfy here. We travelled 20 hours to get here. Tired. Done my shopping – found a great cat cartoon artist guy on Pike market – loadsa fish there – and bought a couple of his prints. Very funny.

So the first session is about to start – Dave Winer is going to lead us in song before we start.

The one good thing about being at a geek’s conference is that there is never a queue for the bogs.

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