Stinking like shit

You know when your trainers smell so bad that they actually start to smell like shit? And you know when your breath is so foul, it too begins to whiff or excrement?*

Two people I sat beside in close hot quarters on the London Tube today smelled like that. It nearly made me wretch. Imagine the London Tube. A long piece of shitty tin which sits out in the baking sun then spends all day going to and fro from one end of the city to another revving up even more heat. There is no ventilation to speak of. Yesterday was the hottest June day since the 70s.

But then when I got off, it occurred to me that it might in fact be me who was smelling, not everyone else. So I started doing that smell your own breath thing – not using your hand as a fan device I hasten to add – but that didn’t really work.

London stinks of shit.

*A thought. Maybe that is just me?

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