Tube gossip

Tube gossip* courtesy of TheManWhoFellAsleep.

16th June 2005

1. Don’t worry about time – it’s very fluid.
2. Scott Parker has done nothing to deserve that kind of price tag.
3. It’s like that old adage about boiling a frog.
4. I wish he’d realise that depression is not something to be proud about.
5. There’s all these tiny scabs inside my nose.
6. Have you still got my sachet of salad cream?
7. I was surprised how attractive Ann Coulter is.
8. You’re my girlfriend. If you won’t do it, who will?
9. They made the Dalek all wimpy and emotionally needy. What a load of crap.
10. Don’t touch me! I am contagious!

*What he hears random people utter on the London Underground.

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