Scoble @ The Geek Dinner : London June 7 2005

Blugg and I went to this this evening. Jolly pleasant it was too. Check up the event’s Flickr stream.

Scoble is one of Microsoft’s tech evangelists and pioneer bloggers who has got to where he is now – 7th from the top – by blogging. And being smart. It helps.

He looks scarily like the guy from Happiness. He has some very interesting things to say about blogging, particularly as a company blogger. But it is his Channel 9 show that he does – where he goes Microsoft videoing people and asking them what they are working on. Very good of the old chaps to let him do that really. PR people dinnae like that at all. BACK OFF!

He has really shown people the potential for blogging and vlogging to be the stuff of creativity as well as transparency. I think more companies should take a look at that model, part of which at Microsoft was to compile the blogging policy using a Wiki which meant every employee who cared could add to the policy formation.

Maybe it is also the exact kind of model that is missing in politics. Wiki housing policy anyone?

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