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Harold + Marion Skinner
Harold + Marion Skinner,
originally uploaded by snapscot.

I was flicking through Everyone’s photos on Flickr* when I came across some nice black and white shots. I realised they are in fact old family pictures that have been scanned. But what a Great Idea.

We have tonnes of old albums, like everyone else, full of amazing photos from Life Abroad. What seems like a First Lifetime for me.

I bet loads of people still have not got around to digitising their entire back catalogue. If they have, Flickr is a great tool to share them. I know that there of course are loads of sites doing online album space etc. But the beauty of Flickr is that someone like me can stumble upon them and imagine an entire family history based on the photos.

*Everyone’s photos is a constantly changing photostream because it is essentially all the photos that have been uploaded by the community recently.

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