Podshows vs Podshow: M&S podcasting

Eek. Tony Blackburn and Paul Gambaccini, two old British DJs, are “doing podcasts” for sale.

Their outfit, Podshows, is sadly too similar to Adam Curry and Ron Bloom’s Posdshow. I wonder what Adam and Ron will have to say about it when they see this.

Maybe they knew about it and don’t care that you have two too similar outfits doing similar things.

My worry , however, is more to do with the concept of paying for radio content. What can you thn do with it? Why should I pay for radio? What key different thing am I paying for?

Secondly, I worry that this will be the M&S white knicker, safe, reliable shopping experience for podcasts that the majority of Brits will first come across. It is like the whole world falling for the hype and buying iPods when there are other very good alternatives. There is a whole world of free podcast content out there. Why don’t you go listen to one of those?

If Podshows is going to let you listen some music that is legal on the podcasts, great. But again, why should I pay for that if I can get it on the radio already? They will undoubtedly still need to restrict what you can do with the MP3 file once you have downloaded it.

Anyway, I think podcasting’s potential lies more in providing a distribution channel for new, unsigned bands rather than the same tosh commercial radio wants us to hear.

This is an interesting entry on Podcastalley. Looks like Podshows is taking the piss.

Sorry for the long post.

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