Tube gossip

Tube gossip
Tube gossip,
originally uploaded by The Kitten’s Toe.

I mentioned the London Tube in my post below and I linked to Themanwhofellasleep’s site which is an amazingly creative website. You can spend hours weaving through his meaderings – poems, sketches, dirty links, bizarre “blog” type entries with the Wombles and the like. Very imaginative but I suspect the guy is a manic depressive.

Or maybe some “artist(e)”.

Anyway, I felt compelled to blog about him separately because a) I had the worst tube journey into work in my life today and b) because his tube gossip page is fucking hilarious and I should really read it on the tube to soften my ever increasinly annoyance with fellow travellers.

Today, I actually rapped on the tube carriage window like a 50-year-old headmistress and beckoned as sternly as I could to some young trendy bastard so that he would move down the bloody carriage so that people bunched up like stupid fucking eels at the doors could move along and let others on.


So themanwhofellasleep’s tube gossip consists of amusing bits of conversation overheard on his tube travels.

PLEASE READ IT. It is cheek hurtingly funny. If you don’t find it as such, you won’t like me if we ever met.

We know he is living in Crouch End, so fair to say he takes the same lines as Blugg and I.

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