Download tax?

‘iPod tax’ planned for music downloads? Tech News on ZDNet
This kind of thing does annoy me. First, we say, OK, let’s have some legal services for people to download music and films. I meant that might have been bad enough for some who think sharing digital music has been around since the invention of portable media to store it on – ie cassette tapes.

Fair enough, people who create content should be paid for it.*

But now considering a tax, as a US governor is suggesting, is just silly. Why the fuck should we give even more to the government? What do they have to do with music and rights holders, really?


*Although I think artists should be more concerned about getting paid to perform, hence using their actual CD sales etc as marketing devices – ie listen to this album for a v cheap price – or for free online – and share it, then pay to come along and see me do it live

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