This blog is going to be quite random to start wit…

This blog is going to be quite random to start with I guess until I work out what I need one for.

But basically I love cats* I love my partner and I love technology (and my family of course).

It is strange because I write about blogs in my job. I am not going to tell you what I do yet, Ok – I write about technology. But not in a “techie” sense – more in a “so what does this mean for us” way.

Although I am addicted to RSS, blogs and all things news** I have tried and failed on several occasions to create my own blog.

Using Bloglines however as my news and blog aggregator I have been inspired to try once more. This is down to the Blog This feature of the program.

So easy – but I became frustrated with not being able to customise and add pix easily.

So here I am once more.

Hopefully this time I will have a bit more focus although do excuse me for going off on one every so often.

*I wish I was one sometimes or at least a secret Catwoman type character but much better
**And TV (telly, not tranvestitism (sp?), although I have nothing against that)

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